What We Believe

The Bible is our ultimate authority and guide for all aspects of ministry, action, and decision making.

Integrity and total openness for all to see will be the constant goal for who we are and all we do.

We will operate by Biblical principles of finances, and will not incur debt.

A minimum of ten percent of our gross undesignated income will go to some kind of ministry, church, missions work, or project.

Because we desire to meet specific needs, we will endeavor to fit any format needed for any kind of church, regardless of size, location, or need.

It is our desire to come alongside the local church to strengthen, encourage, and enhance the church and pastor, leaving both stronger than when we first came.

We will always be open to God leading us into new avenues and forms of ministry.

We are committed to being a part of a local church and submitted to the leadership therein.

Statement of Faith

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