Living Water At the Kitchen Sink

By Dorothy Langstaff
© 2007 Used with permission.

I opened the door to a Patti, a very pleasant lady, who had come to talk to us about purified water systems. I felt a strong urge to welcome her with a hug but refrained from doing so as we didn’t know each other and she would think me a little strange. I showed her into the kitchen, explaining what I wanted and she gave a presentation of how the water filtration system works and how great the water would be for our use. She believed it was the purest and best tasting water available.

Patti and I were at the kitchen sink with the signed papers spread out on the counter. As I looked down and noticed the colored water waves across the bottom of her business card, I had a very distinct thought. I could easily make a switch in the conversation and talk about the ‘Living Water’ from Jesus. I looked up and said ‘You have just told me about this great pure water but I know of water that is even better.’

‘What’s that?’ she asked with a questioning look.

‘Living Water,’ I said, ‘The kind that comes from Jesus.’ I was feeling the love of God fill my heart and went on to share a simple message of God’s love for her and how Jesus had died for her so that she could be saved and have eternal life. I saw big tears fill her eyes and roll down her cheeks.

‘I really needed really this,’ she said through her tears. ‘Why am I crying? I feel so emotional.’ I told her it was normal to cry when your heart was being touched. She thanked me profusely for sharing with her. She told me she had bought a bible but had not been reading it and that she had wanted to go to church but hadn’t gone yet. I thought of stories of others that had led people to the Lord wherever they could so I asked her ‘Would you like to accept Jesus as your Savior?’
‘Yes, I would,’ she said.
‘You can do it now,’ I told her.
‘Now?’ she asked, as her tears stained eyes grew wide in surprise.
‘Yes, now. You can pray right now,’ I replied.
‘What do I say?’ she asked nervously. I explained a little more and asked if she would like me to lead her in a prayer.
‘Yes, I would like that,’ she said. The Holy Spirit was there. My kitchen had become holy ground. We both felt it. I took her hands in mine and led her in prayer to accept Jesus. Then I hugged her and said ‘Now you are born again. Welcome into God’s family.’ She was crying, laughing and beside herself with joy.
‘This is so wonderful!’ she said as she practically danced around the kitchen. ‘Thank you, I am so grateful. You have blessed me so much. You shared with such love.’
‘It’s my blessing too,’ I said.
‘God must have meant this to happen,’ she said, ‘My next appointment cancelled otherwise I would not have been able to stay this long.’ As she left, she said, ‘This has been the most wonderful appointment I have ever had in my life.’
‘This is the most wonderful day of your whole life,’ I replied giving her one last hug.

Postscript – We spoke on the phone a few weeks later. ‘A bizarre thing happened to me the other day,’ she said, ‘I was in the mall shopping when I noticed a piece of paper folded up and lying on the display table amongst the sweaters. I picked it up and to my amazement it was a ‘Love Letter from Jesus.’ I knew God had put it there just for me. I have carried it round in my purse ever since. I was meeting a group of friends that night and it was the topic of conversation the entire evening.’

A testimony from Dorothy Langstaff published in the January 2007 issue of The Langstaff Letter from Kairos Ministries.


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