Our mission is to “Create places of grace where unconvinced people can come to know and wholeheartedly follow Jesus Christ.” This includes those who walk with Him as well as those who haven’t yet met Him so that each may know the Hope of His Calling.  We want to create and cultivate a culture of authenticity that embraces the messiness of life.

The mission that River of Hope Ministries set out to follow comes from Ephesians 1:15-23: “That you may know the Hope of His calling”

As we travel throughout the world, we see a desperate need for hope to contradict the despair that seems to be so rampant in everyday life.

People are no longer plagued by guilt, but by hopelessness and despair.

We believe that a relationship with Jesus is the answer to this problem.

We believe that God’s Word, the Bible, gives answers to this lack of hope, and we endeavor to minister using the principles of God’s Word.

  • Preaching Salvation
  • Equipping the Saints
  • Pointing the Church to Eternity
  • Promoting Unity in the Body of Christ through Networking and Bridge-Building

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